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What happens in a treatment session?

You will be asked about your health and lifestyle so I may understand the physical, environmental and emotional factors affecting you and tailor your treatment to your specific needs. It is important that you disclose any medical conditions, especially those being treated by your GP. Shiatsu does not interfere with medication but may complement it. Shiatsu is normally given with you sitting or lying on a soft mat on the floor. You may feel a movement of 'energy', it is usually 'felt' as 'heat'. Clients usually relax deeply during treatment. We will review progress together. Dietary changes or breathing exercises which you can do yourself may be recommended.

Any 'health assessment' or any 'energy diagnosis' offered does not constitute a medical diagnosis.

How long is a treatment?

A full treatment requires one hour but you should allow 75 minutes to include time for discussion, review of progress and a few minutes to relax after the treatment. The initial session will probably be longer as we will need time to explore your current health and needs.

How many treatments may be needed?

Lasting and significant change may need a number of treatments. One may be sufficient, but a series of 3-6 is typical, at weekly intervals at first. With progress the intervals are extended. Please note how you feel and what changes after treatment.

Preparation for treatment

Please avoid large meals, coffee & alcohol before coming and wear loose, comfortable, warm clothing e.g. jogging trousers, leggings, sweatshirt, socks. Skirts, jeans and tight trousers are not suitable.

Making an appointment

Simply phone me to arrange a suitable time (usually Mon-Fri at 9.00, 10.15, 11.30, 12.45, 14.00, 15.15, 16.30, 17.45). Early evening appointments are possible by arrangement for those who cannot attend during normal working hours. Appointments may be changed, but please not at short notice. It is normal practice to reserve the right to charge for appointments missed or cancellations at less than 24 hours notice. Shiatsu is contra-indicated for untreated very high blood pressure, early pregnancy and epilepsy - which means I will not knowingly treat people with these conditions.

DISCLOSE ALL MEDICAL CONDITIONS when making an appointment.


Assessment and initial treatment 38


allow 90 minutes

Standard treatment 38


allow 75 minutes

Concessionary rates by arrangement if there is genuine financial hardship.

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