Clive Barker

BSc, Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine 1998,
Grad member Shiatsu Society

As with all complementary health therapies, you should ensure that you are treated by someone who has been fully and professionally trained.

I undertook my training with the Shiatsu College, Norwich (founded 1986) which has an international reputation for excellence. This was a 3 year training programme which covered Shiatsu theory and practice, traditional chinese medicine, anatomy, physiology & pathology. Their examination is accredited by the Shiatsu Society. I have also trained with other internationally recognised Shiatsu trainers.

Prior to my training in Shiatsu, my career led from research engineer to senior management, and finally management consultancy. I bring a scientific mind and wide experience to my Shiatsu.

I have now given thousands of treatments to more than 1000 clients. In addition to the more common conditions treated, I have also helped people with ME, MS, candida, terminal and post-operative cancer, and frozen shoulders. I am currently engaged in some work for Sue Ryder at Chantry Park with some of their MS day patients

The aim of my Shiatsu, is to help you to find tranquillity, peace, health and happiness on your journey through life.