World in Song Felixstowe


World songs in a capella harmony



A Community Choir in Felixstowe in its 5th year
















About World in Song


World in Song is a non-religious community choir based at the Salvation Army in Felixstowe. It is open to anyone who would like to come and sing with us. We started in Sep 2011 and now hopefully we are settled in our current location unless numbers grow dramatically


We sing (or will be singing) songs from many World genres. Our favourites are African songs, gospels and shanties with a smattering of pop songs. In addition we have sung Maori, Macedonian, medieval French with the delights of Corsican and Georgian yet to come. We have now sung the best part of a 100 different songs


We learn the different parts of each song and then put them together. We make lots of mistakes, have a good laugh and then put them right. We usually learn 1 or 2 new songs and then go over ones we have done previously. We can sing 6-9 songs in an evening. Being a smaller group, it is like individual attention without singing on your own. I can hear when one voice is going wrong so I get the whole section to keep trying until it is right. There is always time and we all help anyone having difficulty with any part


Most were beginners when they joined and now sing really well. All you need is the confidence to come along or phone.


We take part in a major singing event in the Thames Festival Sing for Water in its 15th year. 500 and more singers assembled to perform and raise funds for WaterAid, around 750,00 raised so far