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Wot No Dots

Is the generic term for my singing activities (workshops elsewhere, recordings, producing CDs etc), the choir is now called



Where's the cake?


Meets at 7.30pm most Fridays at my home at Martlesham Heath


We are a small group of singers who are seriously committed to having fun, happy to make new friends and amenable to my experiments on them, usually bribed with cake.


Usual range of songs, some acquired from America and not in circulation here and some I have arranged or composed. There are often word sheets, especially if there are verses or foreign words. Sometimes there are scores because some people like to follow the ups and downs. I'm the only one who needs to read the music. It is all taught by listening and repeating, line by line until you know it. The emphasis is on more singing and less learning with only 2 or 3 part harmonies, usually only one new song each evening and I re-teach old favourites from the repertoire. We sing from 6 - 9 songs in an evening


Open to all abilities but please ring or email me first, we sometimes skip a week and I do like holidays, and to get directions and to ensure enough cake

There is a small charge of 2 per night to cover word sheets, cake etc. I'm happy to cover my costs and have fun with people who become friends. Sometimes we have supper together before singing, sometimes we have singing +party and in the summer we have singing garden parties. We are nothing like a 'choir' and beginners are always welcomed


Clive Barker

01473 611171


Coming soon - recordings of what we have been singing will be in here for you to listen to


Here is an example from a singing party - whilst under the influence of some wine - we hadn't got to the cake


Kana Kameme