Shared Voices


World song in a capella harmony

A Community Choir for Suffolk and North Essex in its 21st year


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Newcomers Always Welcome to Shared Voices

Learn to sing the easy way


Do you want to sing naturally in a group of singers on the Suffolk Essex border?

Do you want to have fun with like minded people?

Do you like our principles?


We don't sing from music scores, we learn by ear.

We sing songs from all the major oral traditions of the world unaccompanied.

We are open to any ability without audition

You can come when you want and you don't sing on your own. All ages welcome.

We generally just sing for pleasure without performances.

We meet roughly once a month on second Saturdays at Stutton


Learning to sing in a group of like minded people must be the easiest way to get started and to develop your vocal skills. We all make mistakes as we learn our parts so we practice them until they come right so our sessions are ideal for beginners and much better for you than singing lessons. You wont have to sing on your own or be exposed.


If this appeals to you, check our next workshop and the diary page and come when you can

EMAIL ME NOW <- click on this link and give me your contact details and I'll add you to the mailing list

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Shared Voices is a group of singers from Suffolk and Essex who have sung together since 1995. We sing songs from around the world from the Balkans to Africa, by way of America and other parts of the globe. We have a membership list of over 250, though not everyone comes on the same day! We have a group of inspiring tutors and everyone has a lot of fun. We regularly book some of the very best leaders from around the UK and around the world as guest teachers to broaden our awareness of world music. We have regular members who come from London, Cambridge and Norwich